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If your sassy and you know it, clap your hands! (Clap, clap!) I think we’ve all heard the saying “your hair is the crown that you’ll never take off”. Nothing rings truer to me.

Self-love, Self-care, investments in YOU. This is what drives me as an artist in the beauty industry.

 I swear I can’t think of anything more fn’awesome than being able to create beautiful and flowing hair for all my sassy clients. As an artist there is no greater feeling than seeing them instantly light up and GLOW as the queens and kings they are.  The crown is revealed.

Our greatest gift as artists is help transcend the natural beauty that you are and magnify it for the world to see. Being able to customize a style for you as the rock-star individuals that you are, which suits your lifestyle, that’s easy to style, and hair that you can rock with confidence. The game changer is there is only so much that we can do as an artist with the hair – “The Hair God’s” gifted you with. I have finally found a solution for longer, lightweight, natural-looking hair. You can experience this as well. The secret to natural-looking celebrity hair everyone loves so much is….you guess it, Natural Beaded Row extensions.

Here is my beautiful friend Francis rocking her first set of NBR. She went from super sticky tape-ins…. and patiently waited for her NBR. What more could you ask for in extension? No-glue or bonds, minimal points of contact throughout the hair (less damaging), they are super lightweight, the volume of hair is VA VA VOOM, and that seamless blend is everything I’ve been personally seeking out as a stylist for years. I’m absolutely loving this method and stand behind it 100%. The transformation speaks for itself.

Just imagine YOU with the hair you’ve always dreamt of! Good thing you no longer have to dream…..Click here to get your Natural Beaded Row extensions! Xoxo Ashley

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