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Mothers Day 2020

Mama You Are A Rockstar!

Shoutout to all you mamas out there selflessly loving your children and giving it your all, day after day. You are amazing. You are the REAL MVP’s!

I hope you feel so loved and celebrated this Mother’s Day. No matter what season you find yourself in. You are doing a fantastic job, you are doing enough and you are enough!

On Mothers Day Mama’s from all different walks of life, with kids who are in different stages celebrate together. Earth side or heaven side today we celebrate all the mamas.

And to all the single mamas out there, I salute you.

She is more precious than jewles. Proverbs 31:10

My Mama.

My mom is a bold and beautiful woman.

She dedicated her whole life to raising me and my two younger brothers as a single mom. Let me tell you that was not a walk in the park. She managed to do it, and do it with GRACE.

My mom is my best friend. The first person I FaceTime in the morning and the one I go to with the good, the bad, and the ugly. She is always there to love me through it all. She laughs at all my stupid jokes and knows how to lift my spirits with ease.

Talk about a hustler! Mom always provided for us, encouraged us, cheered us on, believed in our dreams, loved us..and is the queen of tough love. My core values and greatest wisdom has been gifted to me from my mother.

If I can be half the mother my mom is then I can say I am winning because she is the GOAT.

I LOVE YOU MAMA, Happy Mother’s Day!

Motherhood + Me

I see Mother’s Day from a whole new light since becoming a mother myself. I have also gained respect and appreciation for the “Mom Job”…which really is a job. One that you don’t get paid for, and its 24/7, 365, no other job remotely compares and the benefits are PRICELESS.

Being a mother has transformed me and my perspective on life. Has totally taught me to rely on God, and trust in his plans. When I feel lost or helpless, I call out to God. There is no greater comforter. I am a better mom because I have guidance from the Lord. If you are feeling hopeless, anxious or afraid I highly encourage you to reach out to the big man up stairs! I know what he's done for me in my life. Two words DIVINE GRACE.

My kids are my mirrors, my minis, my sidekicks.They make me laugh everyday. They challenge me everyday. They give me purpose every single day. They love me everyday. I am proud to be called Mommy.

As much as I feel like I am teaching my littles, I sit back and realize I just got schooled by a almost 5 year old son and it is happening more and more.

My heart sinks every time I hear one of my kids say “Mom…Mama…Mommy, I LOVE YOU”. It is music to my ears, makes my heart skip a beat. These mommy moments make me believe all is right in the world…at least I know in my world, in that moment, it is.

Today I plan on squeezing my “babies” a little longer and remember what a BADASS MAMA I am. You should totally do the same!

Happy Mothers Day to all You Beautiful Moms!

God Bless!



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