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PLEASE…Lets talk “HAND-TIED” hair.

Blonde ISLA Hand Tied Hair For New Install


Did you know there are multiple ways to attach hair onto a weft? There is hand-tied, machine tied and micro-machine tied wefts.

The term “hand-tied hair” is overused.

“Hand-tied hair” is not an extension method; it’s the actual extension weft itself.

This is so important to understand if you are searching for a new extension method.


Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions (NBR) is the #1 extension METHOD which hand-tied hair extensions are sewn on to the foundation made up of beads and thread. This process creates a flat and seamless ROW.

I exclusively use ISLA Hand-Tied Hair Extensions for my Natural Beaded Rows™ guests.

ISLA Hand-Tied Hair Extensions were created by the same powerhouse behind Natural Beaded Rows™ Hair Extensions, Danielle K. White. She’s made a huge impact on the hair industry with the development of her extension method, hand-tied hair line, ISLA, and advanced academy DKWS Academy.

ISLA Hand Tied Hair Extensions

ISLA is on available to the artist in the Academy. One of the many perks of being a student in DKWS Academy.

ISLA is 100% “Remy” hair, meaning the hair is all facing the same direction. This prevents matting and tangling as each strand remains flowing in its natural direction. This is SO IMPORTANT!

ISLA has less silicone on hair and more grams per weft making hair fluffy, fuller and more natural looking.

ISLA is double drawn which means it is the same length, so you get thick, full hair from roots to ends. Bye, Bye Stringy extensions!

Each install includes 1 row – 3 rows MAX of NBR™ Hair Extensions.

The number of wefts and rows added to each guest is customizable and all depends on your current hair, and your dream hair.

Looking to experience NBR™ Hair Extensions?

Click here to fill out my NBR™ Questionnaire, sharing your hair history, current hair, and your hair goals. It will also answer many F.A.Qs regarding Natural Beaded Rows, pricing & maintenance.

Xo Ashley


Me Being A Fan Girl at Convention. I Love NBR Extensions!

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