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Evolve or Dissolve

Do you know your “why?”

No risk. No Magic.

Over these past couple of weeks I’ve really dug deep into my heart and my soul. Evaluating my life and career path, past, present and future. People say to forget the past and live only in the present. I do agree, but glancing back has motivated me and brings a sense of overwhelming gratitude. People say not to live in the future, to be present. I agree. But if I could not see my future self, I wouldn’t be so excited to keep grinding and hustling to get there. It gives me purpose and if fuels my passion.

I thought it would be cool to share my professional WHY. Why I chose and still choose to be part of the beauty industry today.

I still have the same love and passion for the beauty industry, if not more now, than back in the day. Being a hairstylist is way more than many may imagine it to be. We are healers, listeners, artists and beauty makers. It’s not an industry for the faint of heart. All I can say is if you eat, breathe and sleep dreaming of art and beauty this may be the career path for you.

Growing up here in Arizona I knew I would be in the fashion or beauty industry and would work with the cutting edge trends of every season. I landed in the beauty industry and it has always sparked a flame deep within! 

I chose to enroll at Carsten Aveda Institute in Tempe, Arizona. Carsten held his education, teachers and students to a very high standard. I loved this about him. To me there is nothing better than being a student and staying open to learn and keep up with all the latest trends. As you know, trends are always evolving, circling around and coming back years later with a twist – it’s just a matter of time. I live for this and am proud to stay current and educated for my clients. They are part of my WHY.

I am now working for my mentor Jay Wesley Olson at The Bespoke Salon with a team of like-minded and creative geniuses. Jay has created an atmosphere that is untouchable. Talk about an artsy good vibe tribe! Everyone is so positive, uplifting and willing to help their fellow artist. Community over competition. We are more than a community; we are a family. They are part of my WHY.

I am also enrolled in DKWS Academy and was formerly part of the BMS mastermind program, learning all about an extension method Natural Beaded Rows, created by Danielle K. White, and also how to be a successful businesswoman. It’s been almost a year and a half since I started on my journey. This is not just an extension method, it is a way of life. My outlook on life and my career has done a complete 180 since I started with the tribe, surrounded by 300 other artists nationwide who are dedicated to their craft and coming together to support one another through good and bad times. They are part of my WHY.

They say we do what no one else can, not even a doctor, to make someone feel better in less than 10 minuets. This is a hands on, heart to heart industry. Illuminating my clients natural beauty through my craft is magic. It’s been almost 12 years that I have been behind the chair & still to this day I’m fully committed. This is my WHY.

Heatless Waves with Natural Beaded Row extensions

Let me tell you…..there were many obstacles along the way. I took many risks, will continue to do so, and that is what pushes me forward. With determination and courage you can tap into your potential and pursue your purpose with confidence.

What’s your WHY? If you don’t know, now is the perfect time to do some soul searching, to gain deeper insight into yourself and perspective on what it is that you have to offer the world.

“He who has a WHY can endure any HOW.” Frederick Nietzsche

What makes you come alive?

If you’re I interested in Natural Beaded Rows click here I would love to connect with you.

With love, Ashley

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