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Engineer YOUR Life

I am the engineer of my life.

How are you engineering your life?

I decided to change my life, I quit standing on sidelines and embodied an enthusiastic zeal for life.

I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul. - William Ernst Henley

Since becoming a student in DKWS Academy I have learned many ways how to show up for my self effectively.

I’ve learned no else can or will ever show up for you like YOU.

SHOW UP FOR YOUR damn self.

Damn, What was I waiting for?

Permission to fight for what I love most and what I believe in?

In life fear & self doubt are bound to creep in. I put my trust in the Lord and lean on him through the good, the bad, and the ugly.

I am able to dig deep into my own soul, making changes and seeking results that will elevate me forward in life for the greater good.

As I sit back look at my life I think…What am I creating? What have I done up onto this point in my life to get me here? Is it working for me? Will this make a positive impact on at least one persons life? Am I leaving behind a legacy? Am I spreading LOVE and LIGHT?

These are some of the thoughts cross my mine more often than not.

As I grow older I am learning to develop an unconditional love for myself...which will be a life long journey & I am not alone. So...

Today I will show up for myself.
Today I will train hard.
Today I can seek out the TRUTH.
Taking ownership for where I am TODAY and who I am TODAY.

This takes work EVERY!DAY!

Often I take a step back to take a self inventory... what needs to improve? Taking an honest look at my daily routines. Building positive habits which become routines, making the impossible POSSIBLE.

Knowing your WHY will change your life. It will give you directlion.

Practice the art of self-love, and self-respect it will gift you the confidence and self-belief to create a life that feels purposeful, fulfilling and one that you can be proud of.

Life is hard. Quitting isn’t an option. Seek the truth, be open to learn, and always seek growth. See your goals through from start to finish and watch your W’s stack up.

I love you all. You are noble & you are worthy.



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