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COVID-19 Photography Challenge

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Finding JOY through your lens!

Only the ones who know how to push through the pain will win the race.

I had an epiphany this week... I finally got my Nikon charger in the mail. FINALLY! I charged it up and set up a PHOTOSHOOT right away.

Here is my first photoshoot of my little loves.

Literally brought my kids in from playing outside, and dressed them up. Pearls and tutu on my daughter, combed my son’s hair over with my fingers (didn’t have time to get a comb…Mama on a mission) and the shoot was ON! Explains the dirty feet and hands.

Times are tough, and can be difficult to stop and see the beauty that surrounds us. No matter how dark it gets there will always be light. FOCUS on that light.

Photography is one of my all time favorite hobbies. Shooting makes my heart full. Being able to capture my family and all of their greatness, personality, and beauty is priceless.

Here is a challenge that - if you’re anything like me - won’t be challenging at all; if anything, it will be liberating.

EVERYDAY get your camera out and have a mini photoshoot. It doesn’t matter what you shoot, just shoot - you’re significant other, kids, my fur babes, flowers, rocks, sunrise.

Every picture says 1,000 words.

At the end of this tragedy we are going through…wherever you are in the world…you will have a beautiful collection of photographs that will be telling your unique story. This is a great opportunity to create new healthy, creative patterns and habits.

Get your kids involved, what a great opportunity to introduce them one of your favorite hobbies.

Here is a picture that my 4 year old son Brooks took. Come to find out, he loves taking pictures as much as I do. It sure brings a smile to his face and mine=PURE JOY!

Where do you find inspiration? What brings a smile to your face? I challenge you to shoot that.

Photography is an obsession….don’t be afraid to be obsessed. Get out there take pictures that tell your story.

You have to start somewhere…why not make today the day!?

Join me in this FocusOnJoyChallenge post your favorite picture from each day in your stories or on social media and please tag me (@divaliciousash) and use the hashtag #focusonjoychallenge.

I would love to watch your story unfold.

When we are able to press play and kick back into our normal routine, this photography habit will be instilled, and you’ll have a picture album of beautiful, creative pictures taken throughout one of the most tragic times in history. Beauty from ashes!



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