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Confidence + NBR Extensions

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Want to know why I am so passionate about the art of extensions, specifically Natural Beaded Rows Extensions? Why I chose to specialize in Natural Beaded Rows™ Extensions, a hand-tied hair extension method created by Danielle K. White?

Let me tell you how NBR™ Extensions changed my life.

I despised my hair it was limp, and lifeless. I became desperate to figure out a solution. I needed a pick me up, as many new mamas do. That solution for me was hair extensions.

My Hair After My Son
My Hair After My Daughter

The only problem was other extension methods I tried in the past never worked out for me. They always showed and the glue stuck in my hair. It was so obvious I was wearing extensions.

I became committed to find an extension method that looked natural in my hair.

I was searching for a method that wasn’t, A, damaging to the hair; B, showed when I wore my hair up in a high ponytail; C, looked so obvious that they were extensions because the color was off; D, they were super bulky; E, all the sticky residue after removal. NO FUN for all parties involved…that’s for sure.

That’s when I came across Natural Beaded Rows™ Extensions. Danielle K White designed a method for women with fine hair.

NBR Extensions not only transformed my hair...they immediately transformed my confidence.

With NBR Extensions my hair dreams came true. They have easily exceeded all my expectations. They are super comfortable, they are light weight, the hair looks and feels like my own, and made me feel like a total babe. This rings true for women worldwide. Natural Beaded Rows are the most sought after extension method on the market.

I stand behind the NBR Extension method 100%.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself what makes NBR™ Extensions different than all the other hand-tied hair extensions methods on the market? The market is saturated, so I highly recommend you do your research.

Keep on reading to get for my top reasons.

NBR™ Extensions are customized for each guest. Depending on your current hair and your desired dream hair.

The foundation of NBR ™ Extensions is made up of beads, and thread. I custom color each individual weft (I exclusively use ISLA hand-tied hair) to create a seamless blend, and create a row by sewing multiple pieces of hair onto the foundation. On average I place 1.5-2.5 rows on my guests depending on their personal hair goals.

There is no glue or tape involved, so the removal process only takes about 5 minutes. NBR Extensions are the most lightweight hand tied hair extension method on the market. No one will believe you that it is not all yours.

With NBR™ Extensions you’re able to wear your hair in many different styles without the fear of them showing. If the wind blows and your hair parts, they are invisible. When you wear your hair up in an up style...still invisible.

I am currently a student in DKWS Academy, an elite educational program with Natural Beaded Rows. We have intensive trainings on the ins and outs of NBR to help us perfect our craft.

As soon as the salons open back up you can find me back at The Bespoke Salon, which is located in sunny Scottsdale, AZ! I specialize in lived-in color and extensions. If you are interested in an appointment or consultation, click here today!

This will take you to my application page, where I ask that you fill out a short application prior to our phone consultation so that I can find out a little bit more about your hair history and your hair goals.

Stay healthy. Stay radiant. Much love. XO Ash

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